Michel Duvoisin
                                          AUGUST 2015 
  Name:               Michel
  Location:        Earth
  Job:                    Film Composer, Musician, Songwriter
  ... And:             Poet, Children's Book Author
" The music was wonderful. I can only heap on superlatives...
Michel Duvoisin's music counterpoints the lives of the people
with great beauty... brilliant"
The Times
“Writing music for films is … almost like describing a painting. You have to see it, you have to hear it, and THAT’s when you feel … oh, it’s no use talking about it, just watch and listen.”

Considered for BAFTA nomination 'Will And Testament'
 'Men of the city'
Latest Releases
December 2014 

Part of the Munchies Series
By the Canadian / American film company
November 2014

Released in cinemas across the UK
Sold out in LA
Tanslated into 12 languages

Best Documentary Award

  Available on DVD from

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And On Demand from the links below:
June 2014
  Winner Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Award  
 April 2014 
  Bafta Cinema
Screening at the Bafta Cinema, London

    Michel Duvoisin         Michel Duvoisin  
 November 2013  
Abbey Road Studios
Recording the soundtrack at Abbey Road Studio 2
      Michel Duvoisin  
  Recording session with The Cranbrook
Elizabeth Consort Singers
  Mixing in Studio 2 control room
with sound engineer extraordinaire Sam Okell
  With Tony during brass band recording session  
  International Composers Festival 2013  
  Michel at the International Composer Festival, invited to demonstrate the tricky art of piano improvisation  
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