Whish - Real Dreams Adventures Part 1


  The core members of Wish formed as an original song-writing team and their first album was recorded in the USA and released on Virgin - it was used as the Virgin Megastore's promo album for the opening of the first Virgin Megastore in Europe - Barcelona - at which the band also played.
Wish's second album 'Real Dream Adventures - Part 1' - is now available as a 5* album on Itunes.
Now playing is a sample from the album - "Why Do I Try" - this song was the winner of the first John Lennon Songwriting Award.
Also below is the Wish Christmas Song and Video...sample tracks of the rest of the album can be heard on the Music page.

... As experienced musicians the members of Wish have also written, played or sung of feature films, TV and adverts.
  Real Dream Adventures Part 1
Track 1 Why Do I Try
Track 2 Together
Track 3 Bonjour Tristesse
Track 4 The Best of the Badmen
Track 5 Nothing Can Keep My Love Away From You
Track 6 Real Dream Adventures, Part 1
Track 7 Empty Cage
Track 8 Together (Accoustic - Hip Hop Version)
Track 9 Wish's Christmas (Bonus Track)
The four founder members of the band recorded their first album "Wish" in Vermont, USA for Virgin, in 1989 (where they also beat Deep Purple at football) - also available on iTunes.

The second album, 'Real Dream Adventures - Part 1' - with a more acoustic sound - was recorded in London and released in December 2011 -
***** 5 Star reviews, out on iTunes now.

 'Why Do I Try' - (playing now) winner of the first John Lennon Song Writing Award.

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